Take a family hike 


We aren’t very outdoorsy people and quite honestly, the idea of hauling kids through the bush was never very appealing. We have tried in the past and the kids were too upset at the bugs for anyone to enjoy the trip. Seasons change though, and now that my eldest is 10 and my youngest is 6 we recently gave it another shot. It turns out, we all had a good time despite the mosquitoes and we have plans for more family hikes in the future!  If you’ve never tried to go on a hike or if you tried a few years ago and failed, it’s time to try again as maybe your seasons have changed too. Ask other hikers for recommendations for beginner trails for your family. Take bug spray, sunscreen and lots of water with you. Prepare for the conditions of the day. Have solid footwear for everyone. Be sure to take the necessary precautions if there is wildlife about. Have fun! 


Tackle that DIY 


If traipsing about in the bush isn’t for you, maybe there’s something to cross off your to-do list. Working out in the back garden can be pretty darn good exercise and you’ll get fresh air too. Or maybe you have a painting project to complete. As an experienced painter, I can tell you, there’s no better way to get your squats in for the day (or week!) I think we often feel as though if we aren’t on a treadmill or in a gym, it’s not real exercise. This is not the case, sometimes a hard day’s work will do us just as well – better even if we can make our home more functional at the same time!  Clean out your garage, paint that bedroom, put the sod down out back. You’ll be active and get something accomplished on your list. Double whammy.  


Find some Water 


Weather wise, the August long weekend doesn’t often disappoint. This is Canada and we never really know what we’re going to get but heat in August is pretty typical. Finding somewhere to swim is usually a great idea! Swimming is great exercise for everyone – and if you’re chasing after little ones on the beach, it’s great exercise out of the water too! Swim at the lake, in the river, at the ocean or in your community pool. Be sure to keep safety in mind and pay attention to conditions for the day, life jackets for non-swimmers are essential. Make sure you’ve got water or sports sunblock and re-apply often if you’re outside. Depending on where you’re going, you may be able to book a day use area with a picnic table. Why not make a day of it? 


No matter what you get up to this long weekend, a bit of time for exercise is best balanced with a bit of time for rest and relaxation. Our summers are so short, but packing it all in is easy to do with a little thought and planning. Happy weekend!


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