Your kids might be past the age where an Easter egg hunt is fun and looked forward to it all year. They might be 14, 15, 16 or older and roll their eyes at the thought of an organized activity and you know what? Organized activities are sort of lame, aren’t they? I mean, they don’t often offer much in the way of allowing for creativity or free thought. But you know what’s not lame? Spending time with your family in a way that allows for connection. Having opportunities to put the phones down are important.  Those opportunities become rare as our kids grow older. Scheduling the matter might be lame, but I still say it should be done. Here are some things to do with your older kids this Easter weekend.


Plant Flowers

Use Easter themed planting pots, or not. The idea is to gather some planters, some dirt and some plants and put them together – simple really. Do one of your own alongside your child but let them make their own way of it. Involve them in the trip to gather the materials. This is a nice, low key activity to do together over the weekend. There’s no agenda aside from getting the plants into the planters! I really love these mini succulents planted in Easter eggs. They would make great place markers on the dinner table!


Get in the kitchen

If you’re cooking an Easter meal for a few or for many, involving your child in the preparations can be a help AND a chance to connect. Working alongside someone in the kitchen is so special and I remember many times from my childhood doing just that so fondly. If you think they’re up for it, assign them a dish to be ‘in charge of.’ Allow them to source a recipe, involve them in making the shopping list so you can be sure to get all of their required ingredients and work with them in the kitchen as they prepare the dish. They will be proud to tell Grandma that they made it!


Set up an Easter Theme photo booth

Holidays like Easter are a special time to share with family and part of that is capturing images to look back on. If your teen loves snapping photos, ask them to set up a photo booth. You’ll need a backdrop first and foremost but a simple coloured sheet will do.  Props like bunny ears and whiskers are fun to make from simple card stock or craft foam sheets and everyone will love laughing at Uncle Jack wearing a bunny nose in 10 years. Trust me. Here is more info on how to set one up.


Easter theme plastic wrap ball

Have you played this game? It’s so fun and SO silly! You’ll need a roll of plastic wrap and a bunch of Easter treats. Begin by having your teen wrap the treats up in to the plastic wrap, adding layers as you work until you have a large ball stuffed with items. When your family is gathered, have each player sit on the floor in a circle. One person will start with the ball and the person to their left will have a pair of dice. The person with the ball begins to unwrap it, collecting prizes as they are revealed.They must hold the ball on their lap as they unwrap. Meanwhile, the person with the dice rolls over and over until they roll doubles. When they do roll doubles, they receive the ball and pass the dice to their left. Repeat until all the goodies have been attained. Each person gets to keep what they were able to uncover. Did I mention that the person unwrapping the ball is to wear oven mitts? Yes. That’s the silly bit.


Family fun can be had at any age and Easter is a great opportunity to get people together and laughing. Memories at this age will be just as special as they ones from their egg hunting days. I promise.


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