I don’t know about you, but when winter rolls around, it feels like a Sahara Desert. With dryness, that is, as our minus thirty weather and heaps of snow aren’t exactly reminiscent of the hot desert climate.

While most of us worry about the cosmetic consequences of not taking care of our skin (and we will get into those later) the most important reason that we need to keep our skin healthy and hydrated is that our skin is our first line of defense against illness.

I’m sure that we all know that our skin is our body’s largest organ and are aware of some of its functions. When kept properly hydrated, our skin protects us again UV rays, toxins in the environment and micro-organisms. Our skin is meant to release toxins from our bodies and keeping it adequately hydrated helps ensure that our skin is hard at work doing its job.

Also very important – when it comes to the line of defense against winter illness – is that our skin manufactures Vitamin D. Vitamin D is known to prevent a host of illness as well as keep our general health in good form.

Not only that, our skin regulates our body temperature, keeping it the same temperature all over, which is important for our health as well.

As for comfort, there is honestly nothing worse that dry, itchy skin throughout the winter months, so keep hydrated the best that you can.

The best way to keep our skin hydrated is by drinking our required amount of water each day and of course, the benefits of getting in our daily water requirements extend to our digestive and circulatory systems as well.

You can also invest in some beauty products to help heal your skin over the winter after a long summer in the sun’s rays. You can invest in a night repair cream if wanted, but the main point is that if you live in a dry climate you most likely won’t achieve skin hydration on sensitive areas such as your face through water consumption alone. Here’s where we get into the cosmetic aspect – keeping your skin hydrated helps prevent wrinkles and gives you a healthier glow. Even small things such as your foundation make-up adhering better and less acne all are thanks to taking care of your skin and hydrating it properly. Your skin will be less scaly, blotchy and dry if you take the time to pamper it just a little bit!

What are your tips and tricks for keeping your skin hydrated through these dry winter months?



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