Thanks to the wonders of the internet, working out at home no longer involves using soup cans and lifting them over you head. (though if that’s working for you, don’t let me stop you). There are a multitude of online workouts available for you to do at home when you need some motivation.

With that said, it’s also incredibly overwhelming to try and narrow down the best workouts right when you want them. By the time you find a workout you are already frustrated from combing half the internet and no longer have any interest in a workout.

I’ve searched out the easiest quick workouts online for you to do at home and all have no or minimal equipment needed! Some have photos, some have videos, but all are easy and definitely something that you can accomplish at home!

Here’s a list of workouts online that you can pull up whenever you need some motivation!


20 Minute Toning Workout – All you need is a towel, a chair and hand weights.

One Dumbbell Workout –  Only 6 minutes and one piece of equipment!

5 Minute Total Body Workout – No equipment required!

Beginner Body Weight Workout – he uses a jug of milk – fill yours with water!

Arms and Abs Workout – You only need a gym towel!

Hotel Room Workout – Did you sleep on a bed? Then you have all you need for this workout!

Strength Training for Women over 50  –  Weights are needed.

Exercise During Commercial Breaks – Sneak in some workout time during your favourite show!

Oprah’s No Equipment Workout – Simple and no equipment.

Dance Cardio Workouts – Feel like getting sassy? This page has tons of dance videos for you to watch and groove to while burning calories!

For those interested in apps that motivate and help you workout, this list has a lot of good ones!


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