For many of us, entertaining means gathering around a table with food and drinks and chatting with friends and family… without doing a whole lot more. But more and more, I find, people are scheduling activities and games at their social events. While board games and cards are always fun, sometimes it’s nice to try something new. Party games involving food are usually easy and inexpensive to put together — you probably already have a lot of the supplies you need in your pantry or fridge!

Here are some fun games that have a food element. Plan a few for your next kids’ birthday party or grown-up gathering —it’s all good, (not literally) clean fun.

Marshmallow/Doughnut Bobbing

Eating a piece of food dangling from the ceiling with your hands behind your back is more difficult than one may think. Tie a piece of string around a marshmallow or doughnut and attach it to the ceiling (either use tape or hang it from a light fixture/plant hook) so that it dangles slightly above the player’s mouth level (they should be able to get their mouth on it if they crane their head slightly). Give the string a little push and watch as the player tries to eat the bobbing food.

Blind Taste Test

Can you tell the difference between sweet potato and butternut squash by taste alone? Blind taste tests can be a lot of fun — prepare a few dishes of pureed vegetables (so that the texture doesn’t give each variety away), blindfold players, and have them guess what they’re eating. For a more refined version of the game, try taste testing different types of cheese or olives and see how fine-tuned your friends’ palates are.

String Licorice Races

How fast can you chomp down on a piece of shoestring licorice? Lay out long ropes of ultra-thin licorice on a table and have players kneel so that their mouths are level with the table. With their hands behind their backs, players eat the strings, dragging them towards them as they go. Whoever finishes first wins.

Banana Split Relay

Divide your guests into two teams and set out all of the ingredients for a deluxe banana split. Teams work as an assembly line (one person cutting the bananas, another scooping the ice cream, etc) to put together banana splits (one per player) as quickly and neatly as possible. Points are given for both time and presentation, but either way, everyone wins in the end because they get to eat their delicious desserts!

Chopsticks Race

How handy are you with chopsticks? Set up bowls of small food items like chocolate chips, mini-marshmallows, or, if you want to be really challenging, Rice Krispies. Instruct players to move as many items as they can from one bowl to another. Whoever empties their bowl first is the winner.



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