One of the best things about summer is that everyone’s schedules are usually a little bit more relaxed, meaning whether you’re having a staycation in your own city or spending some time at home on the weekend, you probably have some extra time to make a proper brunch. Summer is so full of fresh brunch-worthy ingredients — here are some ideas to get you brunching at home this summer.


Fruity Dutch Baby

A Dutch Baby, basically a puffed pancake cooked in the oven in a cast-iron skillet, is the ideal vehicle for fresh summer fruit. These pancakes are incredibly easy to whip together — all you need is oil, butter, eggs, flour and milk, plus the fruit of your choice. Apples are a traditional choice, but in the summer months you can throw in sliced peaches, blueberries, plums, strawberries or a mixture of whatever fruit happens to be ripening on your counter (or, depending on where you live in the country, your trees). This version uses fresh cherries for a delicious summer seasonal treat.


Greek Yogurt with Fruit Sauce

Summer brunches call for at least one lighter dish, which is where a good quality yogurt with fresh fruit comes in. You could do a simple yogurt parfait with fresh berries, but I also like the idea of making a fresh fruit sauce — it just takes a few minutes in a saucepan. This recipe shows you how to make a simple raspberry sauce and swirl it into thick Greek yogurt. If you want to pair it with something a little more substantial, serve it with a side of granola.



I love a good quiche and there’s something magical about digging into a slice of quiche with a nice side salad on your backyard deck. Plus, you can throw in some of the vegetables growing in your garden — feel free to experiment, it’s hard to go wrong. Or stick to something elegant like smoked salmon. This recipe combines smoked salmon with tangy goat cheese for a grown-up brunch. If you serve it late enough in the day, you can even enjoy it with a glass of white wine.


Omelet Wraps

You can’t make brunch without cracking a few eggs (well, you can, but many of us like an egg option when it comes to breakfast) and an omelet wrap is a casual take on a classic omelet. Again, this is a good chance to throw in some seasonal veg — either from your fridge or your garden. These tasty omelet wraps use avocado, lettuce, and tomato (and some bacon, for good measure) for a satisfying brunch dish.


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