There is no need to go out and buy decorations when you can put the kids to work making crafts! To them it’s not work at all and you end up with wonderful decorations for your yard, just in time for the big BBQ for Canada Day! This year is Canada’s 150th anniversary, so the parties are going to be huge!

Here are a few ideas for crafts that the kids can do!


Canada Day Hanging Plaque :  This plaque is made from popsicle sticks, paint and glue, what could be easier?

Canada Day Wreath: Coloured tissue paper, glue and paper plates!

Paint Rocks for the Garden or yard decor – While you most likely won’t want to buy heart shaped rocks like the photo, you can paint Canadian maple leaves, red and white stripes to your hearts content on rocks for the garden! 

How to Make a Canada Day Placemat – It’s so easy and they turn out great!

Canada Day Sun Visor – This is a great idea for kids to make hats for the day!

Canada Day T-Shirts – Buy cheap white cotton shirts and let the kids make their own to wear on Canada Day, it’s much cheaper than buying the Canada Day lines in the stores. 

Make Red & White Paper Chains –  Now this is the cheapest décor possible! 

Make a Beaver Wreath – This is adorable and suitable for all ages!

Canada Day Red & White Paper Bracelet – I can see my daughter making way too many of these! You can make them larger and turn them into crowns as well! 

Simple 3D Paper Decoration – This is another craft suitable for all ages, it’s super easy to make and decorate with!


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