Sandwiches are the saving grace of many a busy person. The classic grilled cheese has helped parents retain their sanity when it comes to picky toddlers and happens to top the list for a quick and easy supper option.

Sandwiches have long blown past their ‘plain Jane” image and have come into their own the past few years. Restaurants have been based around the entire sandwich concept. Chefs delight in coming up with crazy combinations and with that said, I decided to try and find some of the most unique and unusual sandwich combo’s that the internet had to offer!

  1. Ramen Hoagie Roll. – Ramen burgers have been huge the past year, but this takes it to another level for the at home cook that wants to try a sandwich!
  2. Grilled Cheese & Macaroni Sandwich – Two of your favourite comfort foods in one sandwich, what could be better than that?
  3. Grilled Chicken & Pizza Sandwich – Chicken has always been excellent on pizza, so why not match them up in a sandwich? This looks like a deliciously cheesy hot sandwich.
  4. Omelette Sandwich – Breakfast, lunch or dinner, this looks like a delicious option! The best part is that you can customize this sandwich to everyone’s personal preference by simply adding or subtracting the types of vegetables you want in the omelette.
  5. French Toast Sandwich – Speaking of a sandwich that you can eat for any of the day’s meals, a French toast sandwich is the perfect all-day meal! Sweet and savoury combos are my favourite.
  6. Hot Dog Grilled Cheese – I have made these for my kids before! Slice the hotdogs and use them like a slice of ham and you have one delicious sandwich that the kids will love!
  7. White BBQ Brisket Sandwiches – These use buttermilk biscuits instead of bread to flank a delicious pulled BBQ brisket.



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