The best thing about summer is spending it outside and on your desk soaking up the sun and relaxing. The last thing most people want to do in hot weather is start up the oven or stand over a burner. Thank goodness for BBQ season!


To combine with your barbecued meal, here are some no cook appetizers to keep you out of the kitchen and enjoying the fine weather while it lasts!


Barbecue Peach Summer Rolls


Peaches are one of the most popular summer fruits and this recipe for peach summer rolls is out of this world. Wrapping your peach slices in rice paper with avocado, herbs and apple couldn’t have sounded better. Get the recipe here.


Caprese on a Stick


Why eat your salad in a bowl when you can put it on a stick? This super simple recipe takes the classic caprese salad and turns it into a beautifully easy finger food. With mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, it’s a great deck treat for any time. Get the recipe here.


Tortilla Roll-ups


Simple finger food like sandwiches are always a hit. Combining roast beef, ranch dressing, lettuce and cheese in a rolled up tortilla makes for a great lunch (and it tastes like a treat). They are super quick to put together in a hurry as well. Get the recipe here.


Skewered Melon and Prosciutto


You can’t beat a classic. This combination of juicy melon and salty prosciutto makes for an excellent and decadent tasting snack. Get the recipe here.


Individual Seven Layer Dips


These adorable seven layer dips are proportioned out in individual containers and are perfect for get togethers or parties. Add in a bowl of tortilla chips for scooping or fresh vegetables and the best part? You can double dip! Get the recipe here.


Horseradish Guacamole


Tangy horseradish guacamole is the perfect dip for steak and beef roasts or try it on your next burger! It’s also a great way to use up avocado and a great, healthy addition to your summer menu. Get the recipe here.


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