It’s that time of year! School is out and while kids rejoice, parents are looking for activities and ideas that will entertain the kids during the summer. While giving them plenty of free time to use their imaginations and get outside and be active are the most important things we can do for our kids during the summer months, we can also encourage them to get out and into the community as well.

Here are a few ways to get them out!

Programs at the Library

Libraries are the hub of many communities and have countless programs for kids during the summer. Kids can join reading clubs and take out books, participate in programs or even ask if there are volunteering opportunities for older children.

Community Gardens

You don’t necessarily have to have your own plot at your local community garden, but it sure is a lot of fun if you do! You can ask around and see if any local restaurants need a little bit of help with their community garden plot and get the kids involved. Not only will they learn some gardening skills, they can earn about the process from garden to kitchen to fork!

Community Clean Ups

Most communities have clean up days where they rely on volunteers to help tidy up the neighborhood. Volunteer as a family and let the kids see community volunteer work in action.

Programs from Your Local Community Organization

Your community organization usually has a ton of programs or activities running through out the summer to help parents out. From arts and crafts to playground fun, your kids can meet new friends that live in their community and have fun while doing so.

Volunteer at Events

Festivals are fun but need a lot of volunteers! Find one that matches your family’s interests and volunteer for the day to help them out.


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