Everyone loves a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but there are so many ways to upgrade that childhood favourite of yours! From spice to salty to sweet, here are a few ideas to turn a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a masterpiece worthy of adulthood!

  1.  Bacon and Sriracha – I usually reserve adding peanut butter, jam, bacon and sriracha to my PBJ hamburgers, but if you are looking for a quick and easy upgrade for your sandwich, this is my top choice! And yes, it tastes amazing! Once you try it you will be a convert for life!
  1. Add Real Berries – Summer is rapidly approaching and that means that the annual berry bounty will soon be here! Take out the jam and replace it with real berries for an amazing sandwich. 
  1. Add Marshmallows – And then grill that peanut butter sandwich up until the marshmallows melt!
  1. Make it using Banana Bread – If you are really going for a sweet treat, use banana bread instead of the usual bread slices. I think this would be called dessert now!
  1. PBJ French Toast – I made the classic PBJ into French toast for my kids one morning and it’s now become a favourite treat!
  1. Bacon Jam – The fastest, easiest way to add some zip if you aren’t into adding sriracha and cooked bacon. This is as easy as adding jam…it’s just BACON jam!
  1. Make it a PBJ Clubhouse – Make your PBJ three layers and see how it tastes!
  1. Potato Chips – I would suggest plain (nice and salty) but you might want to get adventurous and try a spicy BBQ chip, just for kicks!
  1. A Slice of Brie – Melty and delicious, Brie is amazing with fruit…so why not with peanut butter as well?
  1. Replace the PB with Another Nut Butter – Almond, cashew or nut-free, the options are endless!



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