Motherhood is one of my biggest joys and as much as I celebrate that every day, it’s nice to see my kids take a moment to celebrate it too. So much of being a mom is just done without a second thought; give a hug, wipe a nose, pack a lunch, tuck in bed with a song – these are all things that us moms just do because we’re moms. They can be taken for granted because it’s natural for us to care for our babies this way. When kids take a moment to reflect on this care it can be so special. Help them show mom they appreciate her and encourage them to make a little something lovely to give her. Here are 10 crafts for little ones to make mom this Mother’s Day.

Remember shrinky dinks? This hand print shrinky dink key chain will go with mom everywhere.

A pretty plant in a hand decorated pot  put on her desk or used to brighten up her kitchen will always be well received.

Serve mom tea or breakfast on Mother’s Day using this pretty DIY tray! Older kids can build it themselves and younger ones will need a bit of help. Either way, mom will love it.

Give mom some time to soak in the bath with these handmade bath bombs.

These little hand shaped ring dishes are so sweet. Mom is sure to love them.

Mommy and me necklaces are so adorable. They’re easy to make too. Give them a try.

These celery stamped tea towels will be the perfect addition to mom’s kitchen!

How sweet is a button bouquet? Flowers that will last the years are sure to be a welcome keepsake.

Mom not a flowery sort of gal? These cactus crafts are absolutely adorable. Make her a whole garden.

If mom likes to sit outside with her coffee and listen to the birds chirp then make a colourful bird feeder for her to enjoy.

However you decide to show your mom you appreciate her, be sure to add in a hug. After all, that’s what we love most!



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