Whether you call it a slow cooker or a crock pot, this is one kitchen appliance that can really help out with meal prep during busy times. I have had some great successes and some pretty huge fails when cooking with my slow cooker. Usually when I’ve had something not turn out it’s because I didn’t have enough liquid and it got all dried out. When a recipe works well however, it usually works REALLY well. Here are the 10 best tried and true recipes for your crock pot.

Pulled Pork – this is a staple recipe that we have made at least 100 times. It’s so good and it makes for a week of easy meal plans.

Carrot Cake Oatmeal – did you know you could put this on to cook before going to bed and then wake up to breakfast that tastes like carrot cake? You can!

Roast Chicken – yes, you heard that right. You can roast a whole chicken in your slow cooker, plus potatoes to have Sunday dinner any day.

Chicken Cacciatore – a classic dish modified for the crock pot so you don’t end up with a soupy mess. This recipe will give you a nice thick sauce full of chicken. Serve over rice and dinner is done.

BBQ Shredded Beef – straight from Calgary, this shredded beef on a bun will put a smile on the face of any cowboy or cowgirl.

Beef Pot Roast – another Sunday dinner gone weekday easy, this comforting beef roast can’t be beat.

Minestrone Soup – this kid friendly dinner option will give you enough leftovers for lunch too.

Baked Potato Soup – yes and please! I love to do soups in the slow cooker because they are so easy and always work out well.

Buffalo chicken dip – it sounds weird, but trust me. My friend Kim makes this and everyone raves about it and now every time we get together someone is begging her to make this party dip! Serve it with veggies or tortilla chips or both for a fantastic game day snack. Scroll down her post for the recipe.

Teriyaki Chicken – because you can’t ever have too many chicken recipes! This is so simple and so tasty, put it on some rice or make Asian sammies with it and everyone will be happy.

I hope these 10 tried and true recipes will take some frustration out of your crockpot cooking. Dust it off and try one of these dishes for an easy weeknight meal.



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